Ironton, Ohio
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ok paypal took it upon thmselves to create a charge .. they have never had my permission to use anything but my mastercard ..

the funds did not immediately go on my card to make the purchase so instead of waiting for it too they did something wrongfull they made a charge on paypal.. and the item was defective and wayfair quickly and friendly came through and refunded me.. however paypal confiscated this refund .. and i will not be seeing it becaue they created a charge and said the refund was applied to the charge ..

i have never given permission to create a paypal balance and i have never charged anything... i have only one preferred method my card.. and i looked up my bank accoutn and it never went through they just autoatically charged it and then took my refund from wayfair of 246.66,, wayfair has stayed with me on the line regardig this transaction and realized what they did but cannot send me another payment and feel bad that it was fraud on paypals part.. to make a charge where there was no permissionn to do so is fraud...

anytime the money is not there the compapnyy will send me an email saying please use another form of payment..

this did not happen with paypal regarding this wayfair transaction.. they went through my bank which is never allowed or on my page stated...

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