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First off there customer service is almost non-existant, no one ever picks up the phone even after waiting 2 hours on hold. No one ever replies to email submitted to them then they had the gall to send me an email that my account was limited due to the fact after they reviewed it someone elses email appeared on my account and they had to limit it, because this other individual owes Paypal money and they are limiting my account due to the fact this other email they have on file owes them money.

When I finally got through on the phone, I was pissed and I mean pissed and I asked the knuckle head on the phone what the problem is and let's get it cleared up. He said they discover another email address was associated with my account and in order for me to lift my limitations, I had to pay a bill of over $3800.00 because of someone elses email was associated with my account. I said to the clown on the phone, you want to pay how much...? Then I said, how can a person owe Paypal money...?

He did not have time to respond and I closed the conversation by saying I will see you in court. The next day I called my Attorney and explained what happened. He said to me, you need to commense civil litigation against them right away. I did and now I am waiting for a court date to take it all the way to trial.

F...PayPal...Oh, if anyone cares do you know who owns PayPal...? General Electric.

Review about: Paypal Account.

Monetary Loss: $3800.

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