I purchased items NOT through my Paypal account, but through the seller's Paypal account. I wasn't given a choice.

Trying to get through to Paypal in itself was a joke.

I called went through the automated system time and time again only to be told by a recording Paypal had unusually high call volume and unable to take my call, and I was disconnected. This happened to me at least seven times.

The next day after several more attempts I finally got through to a Customer Service Agent. He was nice, but so hard to understand. He kept looking at my account telling me there was no activity and I kept telling him I did not use my Paypal account, but it went through Paypal on the seller's site.

I gave him the Transaction ID number, and he looked and said it was not showing on my Paypal account and once again I told him the transaction went through the sellers PayPal, not mine. For some reason I was unable to get this point across to him. I noticed when the Paypal charge showed up in my bank, it is an international Paypal account and had info@***e ninja beauty.com HK and I emailed to that account asking how I get a refund on my purchase. Six emails later no answer.

The site I bought it from is Peakbers.com and I purchased four puzzles for my husband. I sent five emails to them and no reply either.

The Customer Service agent at Paypal finally told me to log on to my Paypal account and send them an email. I did that immediately after getting off the phone. Every time I got a couple of sentences typed in, the screen would change and my written explanation was gone.

This happened around six to seven times. I never was able to get the email sent.

At this point I've given up on working trying to work through Paypal, and I am trying to go on my own through Peakbers.com.

This is where it stands at this time.

I might be sending you a pissed off complaint on Peakbers.com next. This remains to be seen as to if I am able to any satisfaction going through this way.

Thank you for your help.

User's recommendation: Not sure how I feel about Paypal after this fiasco. I thought they would be more helpful.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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