First I uploaded my card at store and now my money is gone the cashier sent it to phone company upload instead of to my card what you dont know is that the customer complaint and disputed claims that we filed is not what we should receive Pay Pal gets Paid Too that why we only get what we paid for not what we been through. In my case my money was sent someway else and not on card or on account they even said my dont exist.

They made that possible by not letting it show blocking money account and I Im done I going to have take them to court they unknown person on chat who dont know or care what going on plus to many watts that money is transfer to phone & emails Website at a drop of dime it leaves anyone with just basic information about you to get money without your permission even stranger. No one is attending this business its a free for due to the virus.

They want even close my account and my someone stole money to pay their bill. Unbelievable

User's recommendation: Watch Your Account.

Paypal Pros: Cash card was good to pay bills.

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