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If you search the web for reviews you will come to a simple conclusion , They are terminating almost every small traded from ebay and any other web selling site that uses paypal Ebay is gearing towards commercial business only and those small traders that only sell single items

So many accounts have been closed down and cash withheld for 180 days far more that normal and far more that any other service cash provider

The answer in the short term is remove every bit of cash intantanly leaving them with 180 days of nothing at least you cash is safe , that does not help you in the business sense

try paymate , they apear to be at least honest and a way faster in service , there must be others as well

give paypal the flick

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I( have been on ebay for some Ebay for 30 years with about 7 treminastion and still I stay on . the trick is to remove all cash the day people play you and not pay your ebay fees direct from paypal

then when paypal locks up your account they have 180days of no $ their waist and loss


Yes! They ( Ebay and Paypal) have been tryin to phase out small sellers for the past 5 years or so.They are trying to transform the site more like Amazon or Cater to Bulk warehouse type sellers.

Its ruining the Uniqueness and originality of Ebay. They are removing the human element. Everything is automated etc..Even as a Powerseller im not treated with any respect or Appreciation. They Basically Hold your $ hostage.

It never clears when it should..well SOMEtimes it does but its totally random. No real explaination is given other than the cookie cutter "3" day after confirmation answer. I still have to call them almost DAILY to get funds released. Its ridiculous.

Its almost criminal. I wouldnt be suprised if Paypal is releasing monies based on Market fluctuations perhaps?

Maybe they play withbthe money and theybget away withbit hiding behind the 3 day policy. Some funny buisiness going on over there..

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