I bought and sold for many years but noticed they kept changing the rules. The worse thing they did was not allow sellers to leave negative for fraudulent buyers.

I had sold a pair of high end, brand nib boots and after two weeks, the buyer messages me that she wants a refund because they didnt fit. I informed her I had a smaller size and she agreed to an exchange, but then wanted to know if it would be okay to send the original ones back in a different box, without the packaging! I naturally was suspecting she wore them but thought Id give her the Benifit of the doubt. I get them back and they are obviously not the 400.00 boots!

She starts a fuss with eBay and even though her original reason was size, she lied and told eBay they were not as described. Apparently EBay doesnt follow their own rules cuz they sided with her!

She ends up getting a 400.00 pair of boots and I get stuck with trash! Pulled out of there and much better for the wear!

User's recommendation: Steer clear!

Location: Hazleton, Pennsylvania

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