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I was on the phone with you guys from 10:30 & my calls kept dropping cause the best mobile & internet provider all these buildings drop our calls! Was lied to by several employees about calling back in case that happened & my pending money but was never told after almost 10hrs on phone stuck in my house paying more money then eBay says shipping will be it cost double or triple they take money off top of item before you get your money & then an email stating that you paid them which was not mentioned by either company think you split as one brother company because of your business practices I have a chronic illness & after the last 3 days of dealing with both companies when I’m done with selling some items I have on eBay & have too have PayPal because of that reason that I have more items cause you can only sell certain amount at time I tried Facebook & have gotten better results & cash & no headaches from theft from my bank account this just started I don’t buy item on line often if I do I use a credit card not my debit don’t trust online sites you & eBay have definitely made that the fact now!

I will be contacting you tomorrow cause received an PayPal email with your real logo & same way of writing that they stopped my transaction because they want to set my limit meanwhile it was at pizzeria from across the street & I paid with my own money in my personal checking account with my debit card only purchase I made which makes me believe someone there has stolen my information or your site is not secure I always catch fraudulent emails & ppl I’m stunned a company that has to be used with eBay is so in reliable & have too worry I can’t sleep because the aggravation from all the calls & lies & now this I have chronic migraines & anxiety which I’ve since had two major panic attacks because of fraudulent charges & supposed fake emails from your company that my chronic illnesses are reacting because of stress I have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia & also need knee replacement surgery that’s only reason I’m selling on eBay had sexual harassment at restaurant I worked at till a month ago & I quit you have made this a nightmare for me and if you get a fee as well I don’t know what for besides letting scammers get info and some not all ppl do what they want one phone with company rules & policies! I’m from New York if business was conducted how you have they would not make it s month here! I will speak to you in the morning again my skin crawled just thinking about horror show tomorrow I got my money back into my account because I don’t allow overdraft fees on my bank account & have been a very good customer for almost 20yrs that they put back my money I got lucky but when I speak too them tomorrow if this is your fault I will be having a financial dispute with your company!

The way your employees behaved after making over 30 calls from my cell phone just to you that’s not including after having conversations with eBay about same issue & they told me you were holding my money & is not your policy cause it did not happen from first sale it is then not a company rule can’t just start them when you feel only start them from first sale but also have two excellent reviews on first two items you wanted to hold it Incase customer wanted too complain all my items are absolutely brand new in packages & sealed! I am so furious from today I don’t know how you’re still in business

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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