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I went online to purchase a portable tv from Walmart. At check out I was diverted to Paypal.

I have paypal for nine years. Paypal uses as a default ATM instead of visa or credit card.

I made that mistake before so I pay attention when using Paypal. The only time I use ATM is when I

do business with China. The want me to use ATM instead of visa as it is costly.

So when making the Walmart purchase a I over-rode the default and selected VISA.

What a shock when I noted the next day they took the $137.41 from my Atm, depleting it plus. It cost me $10 for overdraft

protection and $ 35 because I did not have enough in savings.

Paypal has pissed me off. if I were not a good Christian I would look for a way to get even, so this will have to suffice.

By the way I do my printing business in China because they have very reasonable price. Check the work they do for me at I UAE China because Epson also *** me offf as they sell ink in US for ten times what they sell it to China, but that is a different post.

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