I was looking for a chain saw, to replace the one that was stolen. I came across a site called, Power Tools.

They had a number of tools, plus some chain saws at great prices. Seemed the prices were a little too good and was going to pass. Then I saw they took PayPal, figured they might be ok. Placed the order, went through PayPal, but didn't get a confirmation from the company.

A couple of days (weekend) goes by and still nothing. I sent an email, asking the company what was going on with my order. No response back. Did not have that good feeling, this company wasn't pulling a scam.

So I tried to contact PayPal, to see if they could check them out. Tried calling, no luck. Went through their maze, trying to figure what to do. Then I saw Pissed off customer.

I email them, stating what was going on. A couple of days later, they email me, stating, they were working on it. The next day, they emailed me, the traveler number for my saw. It's now been about 8 days and still no saw.

Not real sure where it's being shipped from. I will wait a couple more days and then go back to PayPal, if not received.

User's recommendation: Contact PayPal sooner when things don't look right.

Location: Taylor, Arizona

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