Hello PayPal,

I am currently unable to login to my account. When I attempt to login to my account, the website asks me security questions (which I answer correctly), and then asks to send me a text message with a code.

However, when I attempt to receive the code, the website doesn't recognize my phone number registered on my account and asks me to add one. So I try to add my phone number (which is already registered with my account) to my account profile, but the website says the phone number not associated to my name and declines to accept the phone number, preventing me from receiving a code and being able to login.

Then, when I try to call customer service by phone, I get an automatic message saying that, although the system recognizes the phone number in canning from, no agents can recieved my call because of Covid. It seems there is a big glitch on the system. Therefore, I am trapped in this impossible situation that prevents me from accessing my account or soaking to any agents.

This is incredibly frustrating to me.

PLEASE assist me with resolving this issue as soon as possible.

I look forward to your reply. Thanks.

Location: Sacramento, California

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