I'm trying to deal with my situation. I was charged an unauthorized amount of $221 and some change on April 12th.

I was on my tablet the website Wish popped up on my screen. I was a user of their site. When I opened it up and there in the cart were items under my name. I went in to delete these items because they were items that I guess I had put in a cart some time back because I haven't gone on wish and dealt with them in quite awhile.

I wanted to remove these items upon doing so all of a sudden my tablet started doing a spin on the screen and then said payment is in process. I did not order I did not authorize and I don't even know what's in the order. I noticed it was being shipped to an address I no longer live at in Tennessee, I reside now in Florida. I contacted immediately online your department for complaints, refunds wrongful charges in excetera.

Of course the robot responded I filed a resolution. They said they'd get back with me as soon as possible due to the coronavirus things were slow but within an hour I was notified and they denied my resolution in my dispute. Saying that it was authorized and that is not true I then tried to contact them again they said to try to contact wish through your web site I'm unable to do that because there's been a block put on my wish account from you guys and I don't want to open it back up but I did try and it wouldn't let me. I've tried numerous of times from April till now to get this resolved.

The new manager at the place where this merchandise is supposed to be shipped fortunately was gracious enough to contact me and told me I had an item to arrive I did not know what it was I sent my friend over to get it it was from wish and it was one big bulky box with one item in it some type of flotation device like a raft. I don't know, after my friend picked it up I am able to sell that item and I will do so. As far as any other items which I cannot tell you what they are because I haven't been contacted by wish I do not know what's in that order and I have not received any other another item. The float draft whatever its called was $99 plus the shipping I am willing to say I got that I won't return it I'm selling it.

But the rest of the items that will take it up to the $221 and some change I want my money back I have not received the first item other than that one. Then there was another transaction that I owed it was a cross bra order three of them $26 from an entirely different company and nothing to do with the wish I have yet to receive any of the second order, this is ridiculous. I want my money back and no one will talk to me. My bank is waiting we're going to file a dispute on both of these accounts but told me to try to reach out once again so I'm reaching out to headquarters now instead of the *** that are working online.

My contact is 615-389-****, my email is (twondron1428@***.com) please someone contact me. I do not have an order number or a contact ID but if you go on my account you will see the two transactions I'm talking about. I have not made anymore...

the email on my account is twondron1428@***.com

Thank you

Teresa W. Parsons

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