On the 11th June, I was sent a notification that my account was limited. I then followed the instructions accordingly on the same day in order to verify my identity as per PayPal's requests.

I have not received any more email notifications from PayPal since, however my PayPal inbox is still notifying me there may be limitations on my account.

1. I would like to confirm whether this means my account still has limitations or whether PayPal has verified my identity. Have I been cleared of these limitations?

2 .I was under the impression I could receive large amounts with a general account. Please let me know what my balance limit is with the account I currently hold.


Would I need to upgrade to a Business account if I expect to receive amounts of more than 1,000 monthly?

4. Kindly indicate in detail what further action is needed on my part to ensure this warning does not occur again.

I sent the above email to PayPal without having received any feedback, clarification or follow-up. I have held an account with them for years. Now that they suddenly view my activity (earnings from my private lessons) as suspicious, despite my attempts at verifying my identity, they will not make any effort to reply to my queries or confirm what further action is needed on my part.

PayPal service is disappointing. I had always expected better from this company, however it seems they do not have time for their account users.

User's recommendation: PayPal will not answer customers. Rather, they will limit your account and will not provide feedback.

Location: Birkirkara, Birkirkara

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