After mistakenly sending a payment I was unable to Cancel Payment. As soon as I realized I couldn't cancel I disputed charges.

This was dismissed. It needed to be handled as a dispute I am refusing payment & the reason payment was made was because of the PayPal website and system decided to authorize the payment when it should have been cancelled. I disputed immediately as this payment is unauthorized. This was dismissed before the funds had even been posted against my bank account.

When calling I was offered no solutions or options where PayPal would even attempt to reverse or refund the unauthorized transaction. I was told that the system decided which transaction to send or authorize or confirm. So I am disputing PayPals activity. The Dispute Team offered to do nothing to help me.

They would not issue a stop payment or refund request on my behalf.

The claim is closed so I can't dispute the transaction or escalate the claim even though the system decided to authorize payment. The operators refused to assist with payment hold or issue a refund request after 2 hours and 47 minutes I was told there was literally nothing PayPal would do to assist me in getting my funds returned on an unauthorized transaction that could not be cancelled due to the system deciding and the dispute department offering no assistance or help.

User's recommendation: Do not use PayPal to transfer funds they do everything they can to keep your money & prevent refunding it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Payment Processing Service.

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