Hi I had this same exact problem a few weeks ago & I called and spoke to a woman who said she didnt see anything on her end that showed I couldnt transfer to a debit card but suggested me getting a whole new card just to be on the safe side. I received and activated the new card, but have not had to use it as I havent had any activity on my account until today when my stimulus money was direct deposited to my account & once again I can not transfer to my debit card.

The screen gives me the 2 options; In Minutes or Standard Transfer. I click on In Minutes & then I select the proper debit card I want the money to go to and it starts to say processing but immediately brings up a message that they are unable to transfer the money. Today I had to select the standard transfer method & then I find out the transfer is going under review & may take even longer.

This is extremely frustrating!! At a time like this I need that money as soon as possible.

If you could please look into this matter and get back to me as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance & Happy New Year

Location: Connecticut, United States

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