I cant seem to accomplish anything through your message center. So I went to help section facts and questions, there I found that I can have a option of a six digit code sent to me through messenger so i can change my password to old account.

I know longer have the same phone number and I can not access the email I used with my old account. I do not remember the password to my old account, so can you please send me a one time six digit code to messenger so I can access my old account and change password. I called customer service and all the lady said was she could send a one time password to get in the old account and I have to know the email password. If I knew the email password I wouldnt have a problem.

So can you help me ?

My old account has old phone number that I dont have anymore which is 859-492-**** and email for account is hrebecca923@***.com which I can not retrieve password for.or change password for this email. Please help me

Location: Berea, Kentucky

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