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So, I have been using Paypal for 5 years. All of a sudden, they refuse to honour my credit card.

I ask my husband to use his account and they unilaterally decide to refuse any credit card to pay for items with my ebay name. I have a transaction and the customer service who is bulllshit tells me to give bank info and they will approve my buy purchase. I was way under their limit .....are they *** kidding me? No they are completely serious.

FYI Credit cards can be equally verified. No reason for this. They were literally forcing me to give them my bank account info....HELLO!!!!!! They say either or in there user statements, but obviously don't mean it.

You CAN verify a credit card!

I cancellled my account.

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Rossville, Georgia, United States #1348254

do not give paypal any bank info

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