Ok I had someone send e money like always with no issue there I received the money, I went to transfer the money ad it put a hold on my transfer to my prepaid PayPal card. So I call you guys PayPal customer serves to see what was going on and they said we put a hold on all your transfers for 2hrs and there is nothing we can do!

Mind u on my end nothing had changed I didn't mbup any PayPal just didn't want me too have my monet for 24 hrs. So I wait till next day to transfer and still won't do it I call back and then there no problem to take the block off. This was total *** there was no resone at all to do that to me and customer serves had no reason y they did that! You guys need to fix that!

To be honest I don't even want to use PayPal anymore because if it! Pissed customer Ryan Knutssn

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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