I moved to USA in 2017 and have still been using my Danish Account a few times. However, I have noticed that I have been paying higher sales tax on purchased items for some reason.

I have changed the address to my USA based Address, but it appears that I am still considered as Danish resident?

Q1: Since I opened the Pal Pal account in Denmark, Will I still be considered a 'Danish' account holder and hence pay Danish Sales taxes even If I update my Address to the new USA based Address?

Q2: If so, Can I cancel my Danish Account and re-open a new Account in the USA using the same email address?

Q3: I have a few dollars / DKK on my Danish PayPal account. Can I transfer the remaining funds back to my US Bank Account before closing. If so how is this done?

Q5: I have tried to call customer service (888) 221-****for a, extended period of time, but the line is constantly busy. This is indeed annoying since I cannot even get through to sit in line waiting for someone pick up.

There is just a busy line signal and I will have to call back again and again and again. I assume this is due to the high number of calls at the time. Please confirm.

Is there another phone number to get to customer Service and talk to a human? Can I ask PayPal with this message to contact me instead so that we can talk?

Location: San Jose, California

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