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I am beyond frustrated and mad as *** at the behemoth called PAYPAL!! Their stupid ads and commercials make it seem like sending and receiving money is a breeze, but let me tell you — it’s no breeze!! It’s more like a *** nightmare!

Specifically the 1,000 different ways they justify “holding” your funds (some cases up to 21 days) — the way they LIE to you about how you can expedite the process — the way they LIE about what triggered the hold — the way they LIE about the the hold/review/pending process being AUTOMATIC with their hands being tied! — and the way they LIE about how they can’t do anything about it. On and on for days with everyone telling you different information — no one tells you what’s up. They’re cryptic, underhanded, shady, and out to *** you with fees, every chance they get.

In addition, their dispute process IS A BIGGER *** NIGHTMARE!! ... They always always always ALWAYS favoring the buyer, no matter what you say, do, offer as proof, no matter how long you’ve used PayPal, no matter what rational response you tell them, and in some instances they’ll even issue the buyer a REFUND without your authorization OR knowledge!!!!

It truly maddening!!!! I’ve gone ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND with these crooks and I just can’t believe they’re still in business!!!! Why do they suck SO MUCH!?!?

They’re super HARD to reach, their CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NONEXISTENT!!! You'll ALWAYS get the runaround — You’ll never get anywhere — and you’ll ALWAYS GET TOLD “there’s nothing we can do”. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PayPal Pros: Security of paying online.

PayPal Cons: Unnecessary holds on funds, Extra long periods of holds on funds, Left hand not talking to the right, Different answers from different people, Always blaming automation absolving themselves of responsibility.

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