They froze my account Dec 17th of 2020 for supposedly violating the user agreement. They said it would be frozen for 180 days then would be released.

When it reached 180 days they said that there was a second violation when I had not been able to use my account and a second 180 day hold was placed. At the end of that they say my account is permanently restricting and refuse to let me receive my money and close my account. They said I am no longer allowed to use PayPal and over a year and 26 days after they froze my account they still are holding my money. They are still claiming they are reviewing and can't give me a date my money will be released.

It is a 4 figure amount, and I'm told the back office has the restriction, yet there is no way to contact the back office. It is to the point that it is now able to be grand larceny.

User's recommendation: Do not trust them with your money they can and will freeze it for no reason at all. Then prohibit you from being able to talk to anyone about the hold.

Location: San Jose, California

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