They closed my account. After I explain to them that my credit card got stolen and I gave them my new credit card number.

They paid it off what I/O them and then they close my account. If you look at my history youll see that I have always paid my bills on time.

Now Im receiving letters from all of my other accounts that I spent years building good credit with our threatening to close all my accounts. Im calling each and everyone of them to explain them what happened. In hopes I can restore my other cards and credit.

I have outstanding credit and for you to do this to me is unbelievable after the conversation I had with the lady on the phone in October this is what I ended up with. Thats too bad because I enjoyed using my PayPal account. Good luck to you Jonnie McCoy 928-210-****. When my credit card got sold and I had no idea that it was on my PayPal account to be used to take payments out.

I couldnt remember which ones I use that number on so I waited for you to get a hold of me I guess that was a wrong decision.

I have outstanding credit and I have plenty of money to pay my bills on time. What a shame shame on you!

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Palm Springs, California

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