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On July 2, I ordered an item from Lowes using PayPay. The money has been taken off my Mastercard but Lowes never received it and instructed PayPal to refund me the money.

PayPal did not. I have talked with the bank, with Lowes 2x and with PayPal 2x. Lowes says that they had dozens of these types of transactional problems with PayPal between July 2 and 5. They tried 3x to get the $$ from PayPal but ultimately Lowes cancelled my order and instructed PayPal to refund me.

Lowes even provided me with a refund authorization number. I have had 2 PayPal employees tell me on the phone that Lowes is probably lying about the authorization and made it up, and that Lowes isn't to be trusted. But PayPal GUARANTEED me that there was nothing I needed to do. They would file a claims resolution and get me my $$ back.

I asked for that in writing but they wouldn't provide anything guaranteeing me a refund or that I would not need to do anything else. They did send me an email saying I might be contacted for more information and there is no guarantee of a refund.

I find it galling that PayPal would accuse another business of being shady and lying and then in turn say they guaranteed me a refund on the phone but refused to put that in writing. I am appalled at how unprofessional, rude and slanderous the PayPal employees are.

User's recommendation: Skip the middle, and just use your credit card directly to make online purchases. You may spend an extra minute making your purchase but it will save you HOURS of grief in the long run.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

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