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I recently needed to transfer money from my bank to my PayPal account and the expected arrival date of my money was yesterday, so I called customer service to see what's wrong and when my money will be here because I need it for groceries for my daughter. The first guy I spoke to tried at first to say my bank didn't send the money yet and when I told him that I have the statement where my sent it already he said that I might get it sometime next week.

I asked to speak to the supervisor, hoping they could explain the delay a little better and maybe resolve the issue and release my fund. The supervisor, I think she said her name was Anna, was very rude and didn't want to explain anything, then put me on hold for 15 minutes just to come back and say maybe it'll be there tomorrow or maybe itll be there Monday, she don't know. I explained that i really need the money today because i have a 2 year old and no groceries in the house to feed her until they release my money and she said "well i cant help you" so i asked if there was someone above her i could speak to since she didnt want to explain anything or help me but she just told me "my boss wont take your call" and when i said i really need to speak to him she just said "no", told me to call the customer service line back, and hung up on me. I called the number back and explained the situation to the lady who answered and that i wanted to make a complaint about the supervisor lady so she transferred me to what she said was a different supervisor but it was the same Anna supervisor who answered and when i said id like to speak to someone else she said "yeah.

ok." and put me on hold. That was 50 minutes ago and i am still on hold.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Bloomfield, Iowa

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