Standing in customs in Aruba find myself diabetic, with a hip problem and two heavy bags and they wont take my credit card, or cash, after I have told the bank before I left, and I have called the fraud number texted the fraud number told them that these were my charges!? I couldn't get the COVID-19 test, they don't take cash either, required to come home.

I had to wait there forever keeping other seniors waiting in the heat! Your system is not fast enough when you decline a card for the customers financial safety, consider the customers other need for money, the text that comes to confirm this a fraud or not, is taking 20-35 minutes!?

One can't wait in line for an hour in the airport, and then have 1000 people behind you that let you get back in when you send a message 20 minutes later, and I did nearly miss my flight! Not cool at all!!

Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts

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