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In August I cancelled an auto payment with Cyberlink. I resigned up for the same service for $103.99 a year.

On Sept 26 I received a notice from my bank my account was overdrawn because both $103.99 and $129.99 were charged to my account by Asknet (the company who processes charges for Cyberlink). I didn't have money in my account for both charges because both charges where not supposed to go through. I contacted both my bank and asknet. Asknet said they saw both charges and said the $129.99 should not have been charged to my account.

They again cancelled the subscription for $129.99 but left the correct one for $103.99. They then immediately refunded the $129.99 on Sept 27th to PayPal.

However, PayPal continued several times to collect the $129.99, so I called them, wrote to them, and emailed them. They told me I didn't cancel correctly because I had to cancel with Cyberlink AND PayPal. This is absurd.

Then they said the refund was on hold because the charge didn't go through the charge that should never have been presented in the first place. I contacted Asknet AGAIN and they said if PayPal is still trying to collect the money it is UNAUTHORIZED! However, because I have more important things to worry about, I put money in my bank account so that the charge would go through and PayPal could process the refund. The charge cleared my account and PayPal has had the money since October 4th, which was confirmed by my bank.

It was in PayPal’s bank account on October 4th. On October 5th PayPal claimed the money would not clear my account until October 9th and I would get the refund after that. They have had 2 times the refund – from Asknet on September 27th and from me on October 4th. Yet they still refuse to give me my refund – for a charge that should never have been processed in the first place!

I have talked to several managers and even today on October 8, 2019 I keep being told the money has not processed my account (is cleared the clearing house into Paypal’s account on October 4, 2019) and that they cannot refund my money as they already paid asknet.

I reminded them that not only have they had my money since October 4th, Asknet refund the money on Sept 27th making Paypal “whole” again, but the manager just keep repeating the script they have been handed instead of actually listening and stating very INCORRECTLY that the money has not processed from my account.

So, to recap: PayPal charges my account even though the subscription was cancelled. They were refunded by the merchant on September 27th. They continue to charge my account with unauthorized charges, causing my account to overdraw as I was not expecting them to charge me 2 times for one service. I finally put money in the account just so they could go through their ridiculous process and refund my money.

They were refunded 2 times, once on Sept 27 by the merchant and once on October 4th by me, yet on October 8th they are still refusing to process my refund.

If they hold refunds for days after they receive them on even ¼ of the accounts for which they receive refunds every day, they are earning hundreds of thousands or millions in interest on money that is not theirs. Their practices are shady at best and possibly criminal.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

PayPal Pros: Process charges.

PayPal Cons: Too many to count, Terrible customer service, Holding refunds for days, No understanding of how the federal reserve system works, Only read scripts and do not ever think.

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