I filed a complaint via resolution center. I ordered a door for a house entry.

I received a cheap necklace. When I google this company there are several other reports of this company duping others. In each report the scammers/business has used Paypal to collect funds. Following my complaint I received a message that said my complaint doesn't meet guidelines/policy for a refund.

I don't understand how my dispute doesn't meet policy. I also don't understand how Paypal can continue to allow this company to fraudulently take money and do nothing to stop or block this business.

Below is all the information regarding my transaction

You reported a problem with this transaction. See the status of your case in the Resolution Center.

Paid with

Citi Double Cash

MasterCard Credit Card x-3367

You'll see "PAYPAL *PIBIAORONGP" on your card statement.


on March 10, 2021

Shipped to

Rita Peaster

1924 Franklin

Little Rock, AR 72204

United States

Have you received this order?920019****609432****05March 12, 2021, Sent by USPS Status: Shipped Transaction ID6RM093262****2746

Seller info 俊杰 史pibiaorongpv2@***.com

Purchase details

ILDEAB ia4n78z78


Monetary Loss: $96.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Paypal Pros: Accepted everywhere.

Paypal Cons: No customer service with live people.

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