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I bought an item and paid with PayPal. Never received the item, so I opened a claim with PayPal after trying to reach the seller without much success.

PayPal investigated and ruled against me because the seller provided sufficient proof of delivery.

Since it was sent via UPS I decided to open a claim to get an answer within a few hours

We have been unable to provide satisfactory proof of delivery for the above shipment.

We apologize for etc.

attaching a form request for payment.

So PayPal ruled against me because they have sufficient proof of delivery when the shipment company is unable to provide satisfactory proof of delivery. The most amazing is that once the PayPal rule there is no appeal accepted.

PayPal did not investigate they took what the seller provided which was proof of delivery signed by someone else but me and delivered to a different address and that's what they took into consideration to rule not contacting UPS seems to me like laziness and not caring about a customer that just lost a substantial amount of money due to their incompetence.


User's recommendation: unfortunately it is rather difficult to go around paypal these days.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

PayPal Pros: Somewhat convenient.

PayPal Cons: Impossible to reach live person on phone, Not customer friendly wont admit to fault, No customer service, Idiots, Nobody will talk to you i call you put me on automated.

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Did you look at the tracking number and look to see what the weight was on the package that was supposedly sent to you from the seller? And did this item happen to be something from facebook?

I have just went thru the same thing and unfortunately had to do all the leg work however i did just get my money back. I have spent many hours on hold and calling and filing fraudulent charges against pay pal . Please do this also so that the more complaints against pay pal and facebook something may be done. And you will get your money back.

So if you can still access the tracking number start there and then print out the invoice of what you purchased and go to the post office with it. For instance mine was a gazebo. You know those weight 80 pounds or more. So, we know that the USPS will not have their carriers delivering an ite, that is 80 plus pounds.

Then call and demand a supervisor and ask then if they looked at the tracking number an have them open it with you on the phone. Also, please add this to the BBB and if this was a purchase off of facebook make sure yip you see them on there write in the comments its a scam so that others aren’t dealing with this crap like we are and many more.. an then help others with getting there funds back by telling them the way ou did..

PAY IT FORWARD and help the next one. We have to look out for one another

@Heidi Lee

Hello Heidi, It was not an item bought on Facebook ( another one that doesnt get even a star. I am dealing with a nightmare with them) the item was a VHS DVD player/recorder and It was sent thru UPS whom were great . But PayPal I pulled all my business Payment/transactions out and try to avoid using the services they offer.

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