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This complaint is about PayPal's failure to explain an email to me from them that discussed a transaction (that was reversed/cancelled) that I do not to this day recognize, I attempted for several hours to get information from PayPal, even talking to a supervisor to no avail. No one at PayPal in their Philippines call center can explain to me why I got the email, why I got it way after the alleged transaction, why the situation was that created the email and alleged transaction - nor can PayPal give me any details.

I have two PayPal accounts. They are in good standing. I sent the email I received from PayPal, that appeared suspicious to spoof@***.com and all I got repeatedly was "canned" automatic responses. No one responded to my questions about the transaction and the email.

Then I called to no avail, sent the email in question as directed by a supervisor to service@***.com from a different email address of mine from the one I received the email from service@***.com (and sent multiple emails to spoof@***.com). Still, no one could tell me anything about why I got the email in the first place nor more details regarding the transaction that allegedly was a money request that was cancelled. Given that I was the victim of identity theft through Ebay AND Paypal years ago, I am concerned. Despite my telling PayPal this, they appear not to care whatsoever and were of no use or help at all in just telling me to send it to spoof@***.com (which I repeatedly did with NO human response back).

I want to know more about this email and transaction. PayPal has an obligation to explain emails that they originate!

User's recommendation: Demand better customer service from PayPal and post publicly if you don't get it.

Preferred solution: An explanation of their email to me, details of the referenced transaction, accurate assurance that my account is secure, an apology and a credit for my many wasted hours trying to get assistance .

PayPal Pros: Convenient.

PayPal Cons: Subject to identity theft and rotten off-shore customer service, Lack of information on a potential fraud identity theft issue, No call back when request on messaging, Hours wasted on telephone and stupid suggestions for resolution, All automatic no human responses or contact.

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