On July 20th I had sent this to Paypal Corporate, but I have not received any news from Paypal - very disapointed !

"I have contacted Paypal Switzerland about this case which is closed. They decided to reimburse the buyer 59 euros without my consent.The buyer bought a couple items on my ebay page.

He had requested whether it was possible to combine shipping to one address. This was during quarantine. He has received the shipment and therefore all items. This is when he decided to complain with eBay.

Based on all proof (tracking number, exchange of email) eBay decided to close the case in my favor up to a point that he was to put negative feedback this would not be published (eBay has all documentation - it is very rare that eBay takes such a clear stand on a case).

The buyer decided to complain to Paypal and as stated above, Paypal decided to reimburse him, based solely on his side of the story.

Since then I have sent him an email asking him to send back the item and I have no response. The email which Paypal has tried to contact me with has been deactivated since June 6th.

Therefore I havent received any updates about this claim prior of seeing the reimbursement on my account.

What I am asking you is either to reimburse me the 59 euros or at least to make a note that this person is NOT honest.

Thanks in advance for your precious help.

Best regards,



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