For the past couple of years I have had PayPal purchasing connected to everyday vendors. EBAY, LYFT, Dominoes, businesses like these that have PayPal purchasing as a choice at checkout time was very convenient and I preferred to use it as a line of credit.

Recently, I had to be hospitalized for a surgical repair due to heart attack. I thought I had all of my "bill paying" set up with "auto payments" to make sure I didn't have any of this BS that I ,of course, ended up having!

I returned home and noticed a "pay your bill" message from PayPal. I believe it was 3-4 days late. I immediately called the "service" line and promptly got none!

I offered to pay the total outstanding balance, hoping to gain a bit of "grace" with this "past due" procedure. No chance! I had forgotten what a slimy bunch the Synchrony Bank is. I was informed that my credit line had instantly dropped from $2100 to $200.

I was expected to pay an obscure amount ($69 I believe) over the phone immediately (remember I offered to pay the entire balance initially if it meant any "good will" but no chance. I am now considered a credit fugitive from this scam of an operation. Yes, this really *** me off!! I was offered a discussion with a "consumer complaint" person, but this turned out worse than anything previous.

The poor soul at the "consumer" desk had either brain damage or couldn't speak English. That will give you an idea how far I got with "consumer help" station!! I have discussed this with a few of my business associates and the response went from rolls of laughter to shock that I would even get near this well known pile of scam! I have plenty of other cards/credit lines and won't miss this for sure.

I will say that the convenience of the package offered is desirable, but the risk dealing with you *** is sickening!

If you care to talk about it like adults, my email is listed above. You can be sure I will copy and paste this message anywhere I feel it will be a warning.

User's recommendation: Get away from these *** as far and as fast as you can!

PayPal Pros: No person to talk to just automated, If they did what they said the service would be good.

PayPal Cons: Everything they can do to keep your money they will, Difficulty in dealing with a problem.

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