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I bought a item from UK the exchanges rate w s $1.36They charged me Additional $20!?

by Finnley

Do I have a claim. They said case closed .no explanation why the charged $20 for mecto buy a $13 item from UK

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by Abhiram

August 16 2018 I received a package that was not as described. Paypal and Seller wants me to pay $235 to ship package back.

I refuse because what I ordered was $170. What I received should and what was ordered which was wrong!

Cost should be reimbursed to me not cost me more then product is worth. Why is Paypal ripping me off when Paypal promised my refund!

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by Madelynn

How can I sever any connection with PayPal? They will not tell me.

I have deleted my credit & debit cards from my PayPal account; is this enough? I do not trust these people!

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