I unfortunately made a purchase from someone operating apparently a scam ad operation on Facebook illegally using photos and logos etc. of the Audio-Technica company.

This purchase was made via PayPal. I never received the ordered item. During my first contact via internet with PP, I mistakenly chose the wrong complaint title, was then denied by their automated system and blocked from making another complaint. After reporting my problem to P.

Consumer, I was given a customer service phone number through which I eventually contacted a live PayPal CR and was able to explain my situation. PayPal is now reportedly conducting an investigation and has given the "seller" 10 days to respond. Hopefully there will be resolution of this problem by the end of this week. Unfortunately, working with PayPal on this was a very tedious process due to their apparent current lack of sufficient consumer representatives and confusing automated systems.

I spent many hours on the phone waiting for a real live person who then helped me with my problem in just a few minutes. Hopefully PayPal is working to correct this very significant problem.

User's recommendation: Be very wary of electronic ads on Facebook! There are individuals there posing as well-known electronics companies and have pirated those companies logos and other graphics. See the Audio-Technica Facebook page for more information on this problem.

Location: Canton, Ohio

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