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Find out please if by mistake is made or a hacking into the account think it's theirs and to shut down a partial account as it is necessaries. NI no password ever used to set up and an account when ad great up. A never password nevertheless never use in. Booted up for PayPal.

Please check..

Please use an encrypted password if it's not a mistake. On account. Astor for this as an Example s and online and when this is and did began q's, When PayPal open up as a beginning company it was an open account for students or give money to as verify an only one payment to payback an legitimate loan less than. The pay of pal was account prepaid from own to show use as one only alternative for another student of person friend low bill pay back when proof is due.

Or bill for utilities. Pay back a friend- possibly for paper pens ect. Only. No more than tham a some few bucks.on

Problem unusual activity for a no semi-account might have opening online. uUnusualactivity.add.on after later open Ed great up on PayPal. Not even semi partial;

PayPal's account ever never money put on the account.therse no password Eve n by company then. Just company just opening it's account window.pass-worf never.

Account never used ever; Unusual activity's.since. please CK it.jusk could be a mistake. Trying to fix things better.all last better save company time and income.and busy to do recently with PayPal.usuasing.filew.and account. thad unilleriated.all activities.affected.

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Please check this problem.

Experian 2015 uptenth documents of extended fraud big-time of past permeant wronged I'd theft with case number of Myself recently medical too unusual activity at that time and was thief ; but, R had extended fraud alert on record passed self. Please note on this email file.and check.couldbe just got a pop up mistkate on the Gmail.hab been broughten.please CK thee account and file.

User's recommendation: Question unusual activity.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Paypal Pros: If they did what they said the service would be good.

Paypal Cons: Claim of unknown people.

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