When signing up for a business credit account paypal initially informed me that all of my documents were reviewed and I was ready to go. I turned in all business documents and information provided.

I was told while on the phone that my account had been manually verified and that I could start receiving payments the following week.

I then sent invoices to my clients through paypal. My clients paid the invoices for services which is an important distinction. Since it is a service and nothing is shipped, I should not have hold on my money. Paypal arbitrarily put a 21 day hold on my account.

I was then asked to submit my Id and documents again. It took 5 days for Paypal to give me any sort of answer as to why they put a hold on my account, and when it would be released.

Needless to say that they have not released my funds and I have met all of the criteria that paypal has set for me.

I will be filing with the DOJ and Secretary of State!! S

User's recommendation: stay away!!

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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