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Last year, I had a purchase that I made with PayPal Credit that pulled funds from my PayPal balance. I contacted CS about it, and the CS guy tried to tell me that I must have somehow "chose" my balance rather than PayPal Credit.

A few months ago, it happened again (twice form the same vendor I didn't realize it until the second time, when my balance was suddenly half of what it should have been), I was VERY CAREFUL to make SURE the payment source was set to "PayPal Credit," but it pulled from my balance, anyway. This time, the CS agent I got looked a little closer and saw that the Credit transaction had been attempted, but for some reason failed, so the system automatically switched to my PayPal balance. I told her I didn't want PayPal switching funding sources on me and she said she'd put a block on it.

A few weeks later, I got an overdraft notice on my checking account--another PayPal "credit" transaction had pulled from my checking account. And in all cases, there was PLENTY of credit in my PayPal Credit line to cover the transactions.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $43.

Preferred solution: Since PayPal caused the difference between what IS in my checking account and what SHOULD be in my checking account, I think they're responsible for it..

PayPal Pros: Easy, Convenient, Fast.

PayPal Cons: No support when things do nott work right, Blame customers for things that they do.

  • Federal Law Violation
  • Unauthorized Transaction
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