I have contacted PayPal Customer Service at least a dozen times, and I have explained to them what happened, and each one has a different excuse about what happened... The Cus.

Ser. Rep's have all agreed that PayPal made a mistake by taking my money, but they don't seem to know how to help me get my money back... I WANT MY MONEY BACK ($276.13)... If I make a mistake and accidentally take ($276.13) away from PayPal, , , PayPal would not stop until I gave their money back to them.....

But when PayPal makes a mistake and accidentally deducted $276.13 from my account, , , apparently they don't give a damn if I ever get my money back, and PayPal is making no effort to settle this matter...

What PayPal has done here is wrong.... I need help

User's recommendation: I would not recommend PayPal, this should be a well educated group of people who are knowledgeable about helping people with problems created by financial institutions.

Location: Winchester, Tennessee

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