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This is my story-

On May 25, 2018 I sold an electric wheelchair on eBay for $2500 to Miguel Diaz, President of Mobile Power Mobility in Puerto Rico.

He said he would buy it if I would ship it to him. I said yes if he paid for the shipping up front which he did. He wanted to use Magic Transport for shipping.

Magic Transport sent me, via email, the bill of lading to attached to the wheelchair. I was told I just had to strap it to a pallet which I did. When the trucking company came out

they said it had to be in a crate. I told Miguel that I would do that for him if he paid for the materials, he did no problem. I crated up the wheelchair and called the trucking company for pickup.

miguel834 is his ebay id and he had 100% feedback and over 900 transactions. I felt comfortable with selling to him.

The trucking company hired a local company, Ward trucking to pick up the chair and deliver it to Magic Transport in New Jersey. Magic Transport then shipped the chair to Puerto Rico.

The chair made it to Puerto Rico no problem.

Here is when things went wrong. On August 18th the buyer, Miguel Diaz, opened a dispute with PayPal stating he did not receive the item and wanted his money back.

I emailed the trucking company and asked them why the chair was not delivered, 3 months later. They responded with, the buyer, Miguel Diaz, had to fill out a Release Of Goods From Hacienda form in order for the trucking company to be able to deliver the chair. I forwarded the email to PayPal and to Miguel.

I forwarded the shipping information to PayPal and Miguel.

PayPal refunded him $2500 out of my account then, which left me a negative balance of $2424.43.

After he got his refund he quickly went and filled out the Release Of Goods From Hacienda form and the chair was delivered to his business, Medical Power Mobility.

I emailed the trucking company and asked them for the signed delivery receipt. They emailed it back to me. I presented all the documents to PayPal to dispute this over 12 times now.

I have talked with their customer service several times and they take the information and say they have to send it to a back room for review. Then every time I get a canned response that they find in the buyers favor because they can't track the shipment. I can track it all day long. I have asked to talk with supervisors and still the same response.

I called again and again. I tried to talk them through how to track it and they finally told me they have a firewall set up that won't allow them to track it. I sent them screenshots from my computer and they said that's not good enough. I have offered to do a net meeting with them, let them connect to my computer, and track it that way. Nope, all I am told is it goes to the back room for review. I asked to talk with the people in the back room. I was told no, they don't have phones.

So I am now at wits end. PayPal has now sent me to collections for the negative $2424.34 balance in my account. EBay won't help nor can I leave feedback for the transaction because they deleted it. Ebay and PayPal still charged me their sellers fees too. The buyer Miguel Diaz has my chair and won't answer any of my emails or phone calls. I call him 3 times a day at (787) 203-8912. They always answer and when I ask to speak with Miguel Diaz I am told he is not there, he is sick today, or I am placed on hold for 30mins then they hang up. Emails also go unanswered.

I think people should know this, so they don't get scammed like this. What I don't agree with is this guy waited 3 months to make this claim, after all eBay transactions were deleted, and they gave him the money back without any documents from him to support his claim. The burden of proof is all on me. With all the proof they still find in this guys favor.

PayPal gave they guy a full refund and he still has my wheelchair and won't return it. Where else can you buy something and get your money back without returning the item? PayPal and Ebay!! Attached is the signed delivery receipt from the trucking company. PayPal won't accept it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

PayPal Pros: How i could send money with paypal by using it linked to my bank.

PayPal Cons: Poor out sourced customer service, Do not help honest people.

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Selling on eBay can be dangerous. Best to avoid and also PayPal seems to be rather questionable.