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Update by user Mar 24, 2020

The amount of money lost is just a modest number so far. I am actually facing a complete and total loss of sales for any and all shipments that I am unable to process, because Paypal will not let me use my "available funds"

Update by user Mar 24, 2020

There is a copy of the very rude accusatory message I received from Christopher with Paypal who was to unprofessional to leave a way for me to contact him directly. This kind of email is egregious and offensive, and I did not get so much as a phone call to inquire more about the concerns before I received such a vile accusation!!! SHAME ON PAYPAL!!!!!

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2020

I get that Coronavirus is a challenging time for our markets, but in the case of Paypal I do not think that Coronavirus can excuse their ineptitude. My business is growing and I have received a surge in sales over the last month.

You would think this is a good thing. Right?? Well, Paypal sure does not seem to think so! They have placed a temporary hold on my funds so that it is impossible for me to place orders for shipping which is upsetting my customers and causing me to receive cancellations on order.

I have written multiple times to now avail and of course their customer service phone line is now closed. I did received a very nasty email last week shortly before the termporary limitations accusing me of foul play, literally accusing me of doing something nefarious. What kind of business sends nasty rude emails but does not take the time to pick up the phone and call the customer? The issues at hand are things that can very easily be resolved in as simple as one phone call.

Paypal told me that they wanted me to explain about a dozen of my sales and provide for them purchase orders, which I obliged willingly...DAYS AGO!!!! Still not a single phone call and nothing has been done to update or verify that my account is okay.

I would not recommend Paypal to anyone, and if I was not struggling so much trying to start over post divorce I would most certainly have a better payment system in place for my customers.

In fact I have just set up a new bank account that will help me climb out of this disaster that paypal has created for me.

I strongly urge people to avoid Paypal at all costs if they can. I would never recommend their payment services to anyone.

User's recommendation: Save your time, money and your brain from the headaches Paypal gives its customers. It is just not at all worth it!!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

PayPal Pros: No pros, It until now.

PayPal Cons: Hold my funds for a non fraudulent violation use, No help in refunds, Paypal account restriction as a reaction to my refund demand, Feel they can do whatever they want violate state and fed.

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