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I had a family member send me 1400.00 for an emergency I am having, and I was told by 2 different service reps that if they paid through the family and friends option, there cannot be an issue with any funds being held and I would have my money instantly. I asked to make sure a few times.

One of the responses I got was "Of course you will have it right away. We consider that emergency money, so we don't touch anything that has to do with those type of transactions, and they are free to send and receive." First of all, this is not true. It cost 48.00 to send this transaction. The only way it doesn't cost anything is if you use your bank to transfer the money, and not your card, well, then you wouldn't get it right away and there would be no point, so that's how they catch you in charges.

Once the money was sent, it showed up as available immediately in my account. When I tried to transfer it, it kept saying "Try again. We cannot complete this transaction" so I kept trying. I wanted to take most out, but leave some in incase I needed it in there for some reason.

I did this a couple times, and nothing happened so I called Paypal back. Sat on the phone for 56 minutes before speaking to someone. Once I spoke to a rep, they told me to try a smaller amount and she told me to enter in $450 instead. I did this, and it was the same thing as before.

She then says something about me trying it too many times, so the system locked it and it would be 72 hours before the hold could be released, and I would have my money. I was very angry at this point. I could have had the money sent a different method had they not lied to me and told me something completely different than what was happening. I had talked to numerous reps who all told me the same exact thing,"Family and Friends money cannot be held or reviewed, it's not under seller buyer protection, it has nothing to do with a sale or feedback, so you get it instantly." This is absolutely untrue.

Paypal receive $48 for that transaction and another $2.95 earlier in the day when I verified my card with them. The only person getting money was Paypal and they were lying to their customers as well. So I asked to speak to a supervisor. For some reason this lady kept putting me off talking to a supervisor and I couldn't understand why.

Kept telling me she couldn't find one, I didn't need one, and on and on. I finally screamed I want to speak with a supervisor now, and finally one magically appeared on the line for me. He told me it was available, and he also wanted to release my sale money as well to help me out. I never asked for him to do this, and I could care less whether any sale transactions were pending for shipment.

I had no bad standing with my account, and that money can sit there until customers get their items, I could care less about the money from sales, and completely understand when they need to hold for those purposes, but the money my sister was sending me had nothing to do with selling, it was put through the same exact method as they told me and was through the Family and Friends method. He then told me all my money was available to me. He told me it was an error on their end, because I tried it too many times. I needed to log out, wait an hour or two, clear my internet browser by at least a week, log back in and the money would 100% transfer.

He walked me through clearing everything out, I did exactly as he said, and when I logged back in 2 hours later to do this, I did exactly as I was told to do. This time, the transaction went through, it transferred and within a second, I received a message saying the transaction would be under review for 72 hours. This is completely illegal. This was not what I was told by any of the employees I spent hours talking to during the day and not what the supervisor told me either.

Everyone lied to me. My money is now in La La land, they tell me I can't have it in my bank until Sunday evening, and I can't return the money to my sister so she can try sending it to me with a different service, other than Paypal. The money no longer shows in my balance, and I have no way to receive it. I needed it for an emergency to pay something that had to be paid today or me and my daughters are going to lose our home.

I am a single Mother, with 2 little girls, and our lives are about to be ruined today, and we will have to look for a new place to live, because the deadline for me to pay is 4pm today, and I will have no money to give them, because Paypal lied and told me story after story, none of which was true, and then decided to hold money sent to me, by my family, illegally, for no reason. I called back and asked immediately to talk to a supervisor. After another 40 minutes on hold, this supervisor, by the name of Josh, told me they didn't need to disclose to me their practices. I had asked them why money, that had nothing to do with a sale, money my family sent me, would be held by them, what the reasoning would be for that, and why there would be a security issue with a family member sending me the money.

He kept saying he didn't know at first, and he understood my anger, and then he told me that Paypal doesn't need to disclose their practices to customers by law. He literally said this to me! So they now have all my money. It was all the money my sister could send me, so she has no other way to send me more through another method until I get that money and can pay her back, and me and my 2 little girls are about to be homeless, all so Paypal can lie to their customers, and get them to send money through their services, so they can hold it to sit on interest for the weekend, and make some money themselves.

Altogether Paypal got over $50 from me with the transaction fee and the verifying my card said it would be 1.95 but actually 2.95 was removed from my account to do that, yet I have no money. I spoke to 2 friends who work in media, who know my situation, and they're looking into running a story on this and their practices so others can no longer be scammed by this company and suffer what me and my girls are about to suffer. This company is not right and the way they talk to their customers is absolutely disgusting. The last supervisor I spoke to was actually a good person, I believe.

I think he started crying towards the end because I was hysterical and explained to him why the money was so important and he started telling me he understood, because he had a home too and if he could push a button to help me, he would but wasn't sure how to do that, but at the same time, if they can take your money and hold it, there is something they can do and the other people I spoke to were just horrible, could care less what is wrong and like the one guy said, they can hold your money and don't need to disclose to you why they do this.

I will be making this go viral today. I am a political activist with lots of friends who want everyone to know about this, and I am going to make sure this story is run in the media and that everyone knows exactly what Paypal is doing with peoples money.

Review about: Paypal Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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