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THEY STOLE MY MONEY!I have a small business that I take payments from my website through PayPal.

Last week I was sent an email out of nowhere that my account now has "Limited Access" and it is unremoveable. This means that they have locked my account for 6 months and I am unable to remove any money from it. According to PayPal I am "Linked" to this mysterious other account or accounts and that is why. They refuse to tell me what account or who owns them or how I even got flagged as "linked" I have spoken to "Level 3 Limited Access" support and their manager and supposedly there is no one else I can speak too.

I have $1300 tied up in my account that I needed for this week as I am moving my mom from Florida to New York and I need the money to help pay for the moving truck and gas. I already have my plane ticket bought for the ride back as well. This is a great inconvenience and complete BS as I am the only person I know that uses Paypal. If you want to one day be locked out of your money for 6 months for no reason and told "Sorry, nothing we can do" then I highly recommend this company..

If you like having access to your money then I would go somewhere else..

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY STOLE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!I keep all of my finances tight and clean and this is an INSULT.

Review about: Paypal Account.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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London, England, United Kingdom #580312

Paypal just blocked my account with 125 Pinds in it for reason. I provided everything they asked for to prove I am the legit holder of my Paypal account including my British Passport copy, bank statement, cc verification and then they just sent an email saying they are closing the account permanently because I had logged in from Serbia (a country that's not listed). They never mentioned that Brits cannot log in and use their own money from another country while traveling.

When I asked customer service why they don't block the IPs of these countries, he just said 'oh, that's actually a good idea, we will look in to it". WHAT A SCAM THIS PAYPAL.

I'm about to lose 125 Pounds but a research now shows others who have lost thousands and Paypal just stole it without bothering to give a explanation.

Paypal - Your money, their wishes.


They just banned class action in there terms of disagreement. Nobody seems to notice the forced binding arbitration being placed on all consumers is designed to let companies like PayPal act lawless and steal without consequences to the company.


had a problem with a service i paid for.Paypal's resolution center was worthless.

Lost 125 bucks.

Never again.From now on I will purchase Visa/MC gift cards and use for online purchases.


Sadly this stuff happens all the time with PayPal.

They took 2 of my accounts and put limited access on them, and tied up $2,500 in funds.

I buy from Craigslist and sell for more on Ebay.. Or at least I did..

They demanded I gave them invoices and phone numbers of my suppliers..

That's not possible w/ Craigslist.


Hey NerdlingerSeverSuck, what kind of comment is that ***?


Sorry to hear about your trouble.An online business I made a purchase from billed me through amazon because they had same problem happen to them.

It's took 9months and and a stern letter from attorney to retrieve their funds.I wish you luck with this.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #289560

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Got what you deserved, doing business with PAYPAL!!!***!!!

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