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I had a customer file a Dispute for $180.00. Her Invoice was for 3 items totaling $356.81..

The dispute was for 2 belts that were 80.00 each that I had shipped though USPS. Tracking after 30 days still shows the package to be in transit but Arriving late on the USPS official website. BECAUSE she filed an insurance claim with USPS I was unable to file one.. I told the customer that the only way I could give her a full refund was if the belts were returned back to me.

However, PayPal asked her to provide a tracking so the customer shipped me a handbag that was not even mentioned in the dispute as well as provided a tracking to PayPal. I sent PayPal the conversation and pictures between myself and the customer where she stated she returned the bag even though she had carried it for over 120 days. She also stated that she filed the USPS insurance claim.. PAYPAL refunded her the entire total of the invoice even though the dispute was not for all 3 items..

AFTER explaining all of this to a PayPal agent in which they agreed that due to her changing the reason for the dispute 4 times in 30 days it seemed like buyers abuse... I Appealed the decision and PayPal now states I must file a report with my local police etc. After calling the local police dept and meeting with a detective they tell me there is no charges to file and that this is all a civil matter between her and myself and that I needed to hire an attorney. I find this to all be insane considering I send on avg 300 invoices per week through paypal and I've only been disputed 4 times..

Out of the 4 the only one PayPal has refunded and ruled in the buyers favor was this twisted and ridiculous dispute. I will hire an invoicing company due to the principal of it.. The Customer NEVER returned the items that she was wanting a refund on PLUS she received the Insurance money from USPS on the very same items that PayPal refunded her on..

I guess some think its ok that a customer can MAKE MONEY off of a business..... Sincerely , PISSED OFF Business owner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Payment Processing Service.

Reason of review: PayPal holding me responsible for what USPS has done. Also allowing a customer to receive a USPS insurance check as well as a FULL refund from me. USPS + PAYPAL have both stolen from my business.

Monetary Loss: $357.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

PayPal Pros: Makes invoicing easy.

PayPal Cons: Makes it easier for internet thieves to steal from businesses.

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