To begin with, I have to say that our situation is probably more complicated then most, as spread over 1 year, we more or less live in 3 countries.Originally the paypal account was opened in France to purchase an item for a friend, we spend some time in the U.S, and winters are spent in the Caribbean.

We tried to purchase a couple of items from a company in the United States, the value about $700. As many U.S. companies will not accept credit cards issued in Europe, we remembered our old paypal account, and charged the items to it. An initial confirmation of the order was e-mailed to us, as well as the debit note from paypal.

The amount was immediately charged to our credit card! The very next day, the order was cancelled. A phone call to the supplier (very Helpful) revealed that the order had been cancelled by paypal. After an endless search, we finally found paypal's phone number on their website, not the easiest thing to do.

The phone service was located in Ireland, but the account having been opened in France, the only available language was French! Not a major problem, as my French is quite fluent, still a choice wouldn't do any harm! As we tried to confirm that it was indeed us that had placed the order, they put more and more obstacles in our way. First there was a supposedly " code" charge 0f $3 on our credit card, with that we would "identify" ourselves.

several days later, code submitted, our paypal account was still frozen. Another call to Ireland revealed, they now requested the upload of a photo I.D.! Begrudgingly we did that as well, only it never changed a thin, although we had 2 e-mails from paypal, confirming full access to the account had been restored. Next phone call told us a paypal account could not be used internationally!!!

and would therefore stay frozen. Furthermore the $3 "code charge" could not be refunded unless we supplied them with our personal bank account number (not very likely). next we cancelled the order with the supplier, and were informed that they would like to refund the money, but were unable due to our blocked paypal account.

We are still waiting for our refund, and probably will have to dispute the issue on the credit card end, since there is no way we will phone paypal again!!!In the future if the only payment method is paypal, we will find another supplier.

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