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Paypal protecting scammer with an unverified account, instead of helping me, a 3 year, verified business account holder! Background: I buy and sell sneakers on various social media platforms daily.) On December 15th I was contacted by a person named Andrew Sorenson via Facebook.

He asked if I was interested in buying a pair of sneakers that I had posted looking for, and offered me a price of $350. I asked the usual questions.. "do the shoes have the receipt?", "when will you ship?" And "can I see tagged pictures of the shoes with a piece of paper with your name on it?" He replied that he indeed 'had the original receipt." He would "ship on the next day." And he sent a picture of the shoes with a tag. Since everything looked okay I agreed to purchase.

He asked me to send gifted payment, which i mistakingly agreed to. I sent the payment to the email he provided, which is linked to his paypal account. After sending the payment I was alerted by another facebook member that this person was a scammer and had scammed him for several hundred dollars. Upon hearing this news I messaged the seller asking about the other situation.

He has read the messages I've sent to him, and has not responded. Additionally he has blocked me on facebook and deleted his account. Leaving me no way to contact him besides the email address which he isnt responding to. I have contacted paypal numerous times regarding this issue, and have alerted them to the scam activity going on using their services.

They have been NO HELP, AND REFUSE to offer any assistance in recovery of the funds even with proof of an account being used for scam activity. I am a fully verified, business account holder with an spotless record of transactions in over 3 years. He is an un-verified user who has scammed multiple people and will continue to do so. Paypal says since the paymnt was gifted there is nothing they can do regardless of whether hes a scammer or not.

As a business who supposedly prides themselves in protecting the customers who use their services, they do an absolutely terrible job. They hide beh9nd their "policies" which totally benifit the scam artists needs. Paypal shows no loyalty to their proven customers. Apparently having no negative feedback and being a productive member of their services means nothing.

Any random, scamming user can make an account with no real world information needed and paypal will allow them to use their services.. If this matter is not resolved I will be spreading word of paypals absolutely garbage customer service policies, as well as discontinuing use of both my personal and business accounts.

I would like Paypal to look into the users account, see erroneous activity and take action in refunding my $350. I will submit a later review with names and account id of every paypal representative I have spoken to regarding this matter

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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