Paypal offers no protection. I made a purchase at KMcale.com using Paypal on Sept 5, 2019 and expecting to be protected.

Within one hour of transaction, I notified Paypal that I had discovered this was a scam website and to cancel the transaction. Paypal closed the dispute in favor of the merchant and I was given a USPS tracking number. When package showed as delivered on September 17, 2019 but I had not received it, I contacted USPS. I was informed that USPS would have never accepted my 81 lb.

package since they have a 70 lb limitation. Additionally the USPS tracking number had another address and was for a 1 oz. package (Probably a postcard or letter). Paypal will not reopen the dispute because I tried to be proactive.

Do not accept Paypal as protection. Find another method.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Paypal Cons: No protection.

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Update - 1-20-2020. Paypal continues to try to resolve my issue by requesting access to my bank account!

I only paid for anything on my account with Discover card because I wanted the protections offered by a credit card.

Any one who allows Paypal access to a bank account is lacking any common sense. If you have given access, contact your bank to block any future transactions from PayPal.


I just had the exact thing happen to me! I ordered a gift on line.

A wedding present. I saved copies by taking screenshots of everything from the purchase order with address it was supposed to be delivered to. And all the emails from USPS with the tracking number, and everything I received from PayPal. The couple went to the day my message said it was delivered and it was supposed to be delivered in the mailbox.

It wasn’t. Went a different address in the same town,and weighed 2 ounces. It was a grill / griddle. Weighed a lot more than 2 oz!

I went through the whole thing with PayPal and all they did was say the same thing.They received tracking number, it was delivered. Sided with company. Like I never told them anything. I found out where it went etc from the post office.

The got the info off the tracking number.

I sent emails to the company I bout the gift from, and haven’t heard anything at all. Slap me, because I did it again,!and am having same problems.

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