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Update by user Dec 05, 2017

Well, I should say they already refunded 2 of the scammers, but some cases are still under review.

Original review posted by user Dec 04, 2017

Was job scammed, called paypal and spoke with a woman named Kimberly. I told her I think I was getting job scammed.

I told them about the scammers that set me up for the bs job. Then I sent them proof of what happened. Now my paypal account is negative 29,294.99. I am not making this up.

I reported the scammers to Ic3, the FTC and the BBB. Haven't had any word. I tried to deal with the scammers on my own but they won't contact me!

I know I was stupid enough to fall for it, but it doesn't mean the scammers should win. Gosh I hate scammers and life!

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Account.

Reason of review: fraudulent activity.

Monetary Loss: $29294.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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So they scammed you I’m assuming by sending a random amount to your paypal account then claimed you to use like $100 out of the $900 they sent by accident and if you could possibly please send back the amount of $800 but for you to “ keep” the $100 for this fake job. I’ve had mystery shoppers job scam tried playing me, but was always this paper cashiers check they’d mail to me with priority shipping.

I could tell check was fake instantly once I opened it thank god. Plus they write SCAM all over the directions they put on a paper they send with this check on what to do for this “mystery shoppers job” this fake cashiers check was for the amount of almost $3,000 and out of all that only $150 was for me to personally keep for doing this “job” the rest was to go back to them. They wrote on directions for me to NOT CASH THE CHECK, only deposit to my personal account. Then no less than 24 hours after I’ve deposited it for me to go to Walmart and go to the giftcard center and get a bunch of the ITunes giftcards and buy them for $500,$100 each.

Then to contact some person they named on paper with number provided with the iTunes card numbers and information on the process buying them. (That was to just make it look legit, hoping people don’t catch on. They care less on the service and just after these giftcard numbers) ... I decided to drag them along, pretending to be some *** to fall for the scam.

I emailed the email provide to me that said I should contact once I received the check and “deposited into my account” so I claimed I deposited it and was waiting for funds to “clear” they contacted me back telling me i had to do this in no less than 72 hours and asked if I currently had enough in my account to cover funds while waiting for check to clear. My purpose being to aggravate them I said yeah and told them I would contact back once I was done with my bank and withdrew this money. Legit I got 5 emails within 20 minutes after saying I would get money. Person asking did I get it and if I had a number I could be called on.

Finally I decided to reply after two hours telling them i wasn’t able to withdraw the money. They asked me to contact them over the phone instead and gave me a number to reach them at directly so I called. Instantly this person was all over me on getting these iTunes cards. I explained I have been a customer with my bank over 9 years now and know all the tellers there.

So when I went to get the money to cover this “job” while waiting for check to clear the teller I know told me not to since there could be a chance the check would clear in a few days the bounce a month from now leaving me respondsible. I knew all this since my moms worked in banks since I’ve been born. He got very irate and told me not to listen to these tellers or Banks and I wasn’t doing my job right. Demanded I go get the money to get the iTunes cards.

Suggesting I go and pay with debit card for them or take out the money by an atm or a different bank branch I could possibly go to and withdraw this money. I told him I would prefer on waiting a day or two. Everyday I was contacted a good 3/4 days asking if I have gotten iTunes cards yet. I claimed after 2 days that half this check became available, but my bank said that didn’t mean it’s cleared and they under law regulation need to make a portion of it available before a certain amount time.

And I said my bank teller told me still not to touch it because itcould bounce like a month from now. Scammer lost it when I said I would be waiting a month to make sure this check cleared to do the iTunes cards. Called me names and he’d make sure I was to never be “hired” again. And he was going to sue me for stealing the money from this check they sent me.

I laughed telling him I never deposited it and knew off the top the check sent was fake. And many times I’ve done real mystery shop jobs where they have me go buy something dumb like bottles of soda or go to eat at a restaurant and look at certain details they’d want me to report to them. Then they’d reimburse me the cost of the stuff I bought plus bit extra for me doing the job for them. No way they would have me get money orders or giftcards that’s over $1,000 to be sent back to them.

If anything they’d have me go purchase a giftcard for $100 then tell me to keep it and reimburse me the $100 amount. Not send me some $3,000 check to send them $2,900 in card codes. I would never expect them to move to paypal from the fake checks. I don’t understand how they be sending you though the large amounts of money to be transferred back then your stuck with the negative amount.

Paypal usually requires you to have funds available on your account or add funds from bank account before sending the funds threw a transfer to somebody else. These scammers don’t got a dollar to their names to send over to people before they cancel transaction.

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