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Back around my birthday, believe it or Not which was on Saturday, February 13, 2016, I tried to send my contractor a payment via Paypal and it would Not go through...

I sent out numerous complaint letters to find out Why it was Not working and they would Not tell me a *** thing and also would Not help me either and kept referring me to contact the merchant and have him contact Paypal to try and work out his Limitation Problem.

Well, he eventually contacted Paypal and they LIED to Lito by telling him that he owes them money which was around $8,000.00.

Whatever they claimed he owed them, it is a 100% LIE because Paypal makes their money on Commissions when people send money through their system.

Please NOTE: There is NO way that anybody could steal money through Paypal because they have a 100% Secure System and Paypal Always Gets Their Money First and then they disperse it internally by going through it and then taking out their commissions and fees and then Paying You The Difference.

In Other Words: They Have Total Control Of Your Money And Payouts Before It Even Gets Into Your Hands and therefore, there is No Way That Paypal Can Even Make A Single Handed Mistake!

Furthermore, there is NO way in *** that Lito could Steal Any Money and I know Lito quite well and he is NOT like that, but Paypal being the kind of Corrupt and Corporatist Company That They Are; They Can Therefore Say And Do Anything That They Want With Their Customers (Whether It Is True Or Not), Just To Get Rid Of Them Like They Did With Both Lito And Then Myself Right After I Had Filed Complaints About What They Did To Him!


Well, I was Very Angry and Upset over this because Lito did Not Deserve Paypal's Lies, Abuse and Mistreatment and of course later on, Neither Did I!

I therefore continued to Send Out Complaint Letters and believe it or NOT within a Few Days, Paypal Illegally Blocked, Limited and Terminated My Account Just Because I Filed Legitimate Complaints!

What A Joke?

I did Nothing Illegal and since Paypal can Not Be Honest With Their Customers, they instead Just Get Rid Of Them instead of having to Deal With Them like they did with Lito and then ME!

I have to tell YOU that Lito was so ANGRY AND UPSET AT PAYPAL and then ME because Lito thought that I did something to cause him to Lose His Account, but he knows that Deep Inside I Had Nothing To Do With It And It Was ALL Paypal's Fault And Nobody Else's!

Please NOTE: The Only Thing that I did was Dispute A Few Charges Because What Happened Was That I Paid Lito With My Visa Credit Card By Accident And Then Went Ahead And Repaid The Same Amount From My American Express Credit Card (Because Paypal Will Not Allow You To Cancel An Immediate Charge, Sadly Speaking) and so, I did Not Want To End Up With A Double Bill and so I ONLY Disputed The Extra Double Charges, but Lito was NEVER Out Of Pocket and what I did was 100% Legal and Legitimate and Lito knows that and so I do NOT even know if that caused his Paypal Account To Shut Down since Paypal would NEVER Tell Me The TRUTH!

In any case, Thanks To God, Lito was able to Find Another Credit Card Acceptance Provider (with My Help) which is Not Only Cheaper, but Better And Friendlier To Use and they have Real, Live American Customer Service as well!

In Fact, I just made My Very First Payment through them Just A Few Days Ago and Love It!

However, with Paypal, Inc., They Really Suck and I am So Glad that they are NOT the Only Provider Out There In The World!

Enclosed, in the attachments and documents, please find (12) Pages Showing You That They Limited, Closed and Blocked My Account, along with my Complaint Letters to Dan Schulman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Paypal and Debbie Matya from the Executive Escalations Office, plus a Document that I looked up on Google Showing 12 Other Companies That I Can Use To Replace Paypal from the following url link of:

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul ShoreAngry, Upset And Pissed Off Ex-Paypal, Inc. Customer

/HPSEnclosures: Please See The 12 Attachments As Explained Above For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "they got rid of both lito and myself for untruthful, illegitimate, fake reasons! they basically can get rid of you for any reason (even if you are not doing a damn thing wrong!)". The author is overall dissatisfied with Paypal and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about paypal account from Paypal was got rid of both lito and myself for illegitimate reasons, refused to tell me the truth of why they got rid of us and lied online about why they limited my account , but reviewer liked fact that i was able to send money using my credit card. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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