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My wife and i sell used items on facebook sometimes and we use the link for payment. I just sold a used pipe for an atv and posted tracking yo the purchase but noticed that i was restricted from transfering funds to my bank from two purchases from a month ago.

When contacting paypal they say its because the atv pipe haf not been recieved by the buyer yet (i was totally aware being yhat i just posted the tracking). So then i let them know that the funds im regerring to are from two sales a month prior, they cant tell me why those funds are being held or how long they will be held. Those two prior sales were used things we sold on facebook meeting ty he buyer in person using to recieve payment. THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW AND IS THEFT AND FRAUDULENT.

Paypal acts like a dictator over our money withholding and doing whatever they please with money you earn selling your possessions. The reason i no longer sell on ebay.

User's recommendation: Find a better way to recieve payment.

Preferred solution: Stop treating me like a criminal for choosing to use your services. I sell yardsale crap for god sake. What reason to you have for holding money that has nuthing to do with shipping? Unrestrict my funds this is a crime. And i will file with bbb. .

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