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It's been over 1.5 months , paypal hold my money unnecessarily , I'm unable to get that money in my bank account . Even the helpline numbers of paypal Doesn't help , all the resolution center , help center become useless , Please help me to get my money in my bank account .

My paypal account ID :

Transaction ID : 23L37250G323****M

Transaction Amount : 28.52 USD

Transaction Date : 31 january , 2021

Paid by : CRS ECOM LTD

Please help my money to get in my bank account .

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

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Yes O according to PayPal they sent me an email saying that my money's on hold because My count was inactive for while. However that is *** because it only shows the recent transactions however I have a bunch more transactions from a while ago and I had printed out the label sent it to the person persons happy with it delivered and my money is still on hold.

Vdefino. Then the stupid bot says all a different thing it says all the person has that sent the money has not done orders like this when I see a bunch of transactions that hes done on the website and it's really odd that he confirmed in I still don't have my money and my money is still on hold I deserve that money and I want it it's been one day and it's been delivered today and is tracking to prove it but I could never get in touch with service representative cause they say they open up at 6 and I go to work at 6 and no 1 answers the *** phone cause it's closed

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