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The Holidays are coming and if you are a seller on EBAY accepting PAYPAL PLEASE READ THE SCAM THAT I ENDURED AND PROTECT YOURSELVES! I have in excess of 500 sales over the years and then the companies pulled this:

I am a NO RETURNS AS IS seller because I sell used or pre-owned items that I’m getting rid of. I’m NOT a store, as stores have insurance for returns. I sold an item through Ebay then had the customer lie and say that it was broken 1 MONTH LATER. I had taken auction pictures, and because it was an expensive item I also took shipment pictures which showed the condition of the item WAS AS DESCRIBED when shipped. It was a one of a kind item BTW, so truly what you saw was what you got. The customer appears to have intentionally broken the item and claimed that it was "not as described" in the auction. So eBay ruled in my favor. 2 more months pass and Paypal allows the person to file a chargeback, but REFUSES to actually look at the evidence and gives the buyer their money back. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BECAUSE, I sale AS IS and the item was as stated (in very good to excellent condition) when in was sent. Both eBay and Paypal have a "Sellers Protection" policy and I ABSOLUTELY adhered to the policy but Paypal REFUSES to even look and THEN they (both ebay and paypal) arranged a series of sales to get me to accept one so that they could get the money that was not in the Paypal account. I told the customers that I was NOT accepting offers because I had to get the "seller’s protection" issue resolved with eBay and Paypal SINCE THERE IS CONFLICT OF 30 DAYS VS 6 MONTHS. One customer purchased ANYWAY which gave Paypal the money that my account was short when they stole it out. I REFUSED to ship out any items because Paypal has not corrected the first "seller protection" issues and I am not sending items out for Paypal to give a buyer permission to damage my items and return them. So I clicked to cancel that sale on eBay. When a transaction is completed it must be refunded in the form of payment that it was made in, HOWEVER, eBay and Paypal attempted to refund the money from my personal bank account. THIS WAS NOT AUTHORIZED and so I called the Bank and "stopped payment" due to the fact that it was fraudulent. I immediately told the customer to file a claim with Paypal to retrieve her money as I didn't have it Paypal did. My bank didn’t allow ebay and paypal to steal from me and they actually did the stop payment on the unauthorized transaction. In addition to leaving me without the ability to sell, it left me with a broken item that neither of them have paid me for. BE WARNED OF THIS SCAM and please feel free to chime in if this has happened to you. With the holidays approaching I advise you to

1)Take pictures of your items with the shipping receipt.

2)Remove your bank and credit cards from your Paypal and Ebay account. Pay your Ebay with Paypal.

3)Remove all money except your shipping and Ebay fees from your Paypal account and if you get chargebacks and your item was as described let them sue you so that you can show a judge and jury the pictures of you items so that you don’t end up robbed and have your expensive item broken.

4)Shop with a credit card that has fraud protection and let them make the fees. Paypal behaved scandalously after a long time all of a sudden DON’T GET SURPRISED like I did. DON’T BUY AND PAY WITH THEM.

If you have a similar experience please report it to the BBB, CFPB, FTC, your local police department and the California Attorney General.


Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Customer Care.

Reason of review: Refused to honor "SELLER PROTECTION POLICY".

Monetary Loss: $2533.

Preferred solution: 432.50 plus $300 loss in sales per month since incident 03/18 to current month.

PayPal Cons: Stole money.

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Paypal and evilbay work together to rip off people. I left both. Never again.

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