I ordered a propane grill from The Home Depot . The Home Depot reported to PayPal Credit by mistake that I ordered two grills .

I explained to The Home Depot that the delivery driver put the grill on the side of the house out of view of our RING doorbell . I also explained that the camera on the garage viewed the whole delivery and only one grill was delivered . The Home Depot contacted PayPal Credit and was told to remove one of the grills that I only ordered one grill . PayPal Credit now wants me to pay a negative balance because someone at PayPal Credit removed both grills from my account instead of just one .

Days later my account was frozen and I'm told that I have a negative balance and pay for the grill in full . I only disputed one grill and PayPal Credit is trying to make it look like I overdrew my account to pay for their mistake .

User's recommendation: Keep all receipts and proof of all spending activities and invest in a couple cameras .

Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

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